There are people who will demand they determine the point of view through which you see the world.

    These people are threaded throughout time.

    By different manners, some encourage you to reach for the edges of possibility, teaching that the only limitation is your human imagination; others demand you remain meek and tame in the face of their importance, creating facts to serve outcomes.
    Over time, you maycome to value another’s perspective of your life more than that of your own.

    It’s easy to do. The messages are insidious and ever so subtle. Since you were innocent and incapable of more than feeding they’ve been beamed directly to you, and to those of influence around you.

    The challenge is not being aware of their influence.

    The simplest options encourage your complacency and they invite you to be tame.

    They are convenient and they are readily accessible.

    Think: the things that you feed upon will become the nourishment for your body, mind and soul.

    Acknowledge the quality of information that is in your book, your show, your conversation and your music. Paying attention to the message in the magazine at the check out counter forces you to be discriminating about all thoughts percolating. To ask where they have come from. To ask why they have come.

    A mind is made through absorbing sense impressions. A form of digestive organ, the filters are your senses. Alternative facts, like junk food, are junk thoughts; attractively packaged and debilitating for the mind.
    By feeding upon meals of nourishing thoughts and ideas of vital importance, you are consciously framing the energy that will become you. Ideas that come through your perspective or stance will matter in the outcome of your life.

    I believe there are two places to hide.

    One is amidst the mass, catering to those that demand their interests be yours.

    The other is at the edge of what is perceived possible, carving new ways of being from the fabric of reality.



Divine timing v. state of mind


Divine timing v. state of mind

    It’s a consistent statement in Yoga: where you focus grows.

    In the realization of this truth, may you be set free: the being that you were to get here, has been perfect in every regard.

    In this very moment no thing is an issue. Every challenge has been a gift. You have created obstacles to teach yourself. You are learning.

    It’s not easy to digest, but you want this lesson. You won’t be able to pass go and collect your $200 until you learn it.

    Even when you do take the lesson home with you, there will be moments that challenge whether you ever really learned it at all.

    It’s ok. That’s just part of creating your vision. Of drawing it in dreams and painting it with the years that you live.

    Live your years. Listen to the something that calls to you in your small voice.

    To be heard, sit with it in stillness and give it your attention.

    These dreams are unique to you and this is how we renew the world. Each dream necessary in the fabric of the future.

     Together, alone, there are many changes on the horizon. Thinking they are good or bad only make them so.


    Accept what is true for you now.

    Comprehending choices past you made shifts your understanding of this moments influences. Knowing this, you position to adjust accordingly for the benefit of your future outcomes.

    That human will thank you for the gift of breathing life into your dreams.
    We all will, for you have given us each, permission to to be unique.

    And this is how we renew.
    The world.
    Our relationships.
    Inside and out.

    As Shel Silverstein said, “Anything can happen, child, anything can be.


What 40 + 3 have to do with Stability


What 40 + 3 have to do with Stability

As you approach 2017, it’s a time of embracing all the changes that have come and the places you’d like to go.

    The number forty is significant: It’s the highest number ever counted to on Sesame Street, it’s the number of chapters in the book of Exodus, and it’s the number of weeks that humans gestate before birth.

    This last one is significant to me because forty years ago today I was born. My celebration is a ritual of giving gifts. You honor me to receive these three things I believe make a difference in acquiring stability.

    Meditation. Consider this example. It’s the holidays and perhaps you find yourself in conversation just waiting for your turn to speak, painting a pretty picture with words, composing a response rather than listening.

    Holding on to the thing you want to say keeps you from being in the flow of that moment and that’s mediation.

    In stillness we are connected to source. Withdrawing the senses allows us to focus on the eternal that is present within. We experience stability that prompts openness and expands our range. Those good things matter for the collective, our growth as an individual.

    Spending five minutes in the morning and five minutes at night focusing on the breath will change your life. Think of meditation like a muscle, and sitting still like going to the gym. The only way to get a muscle stronger is to use it…

    In many forms throughout your day, the people that you surround yourself with richly impact the person that you are becoming and that is everything. Who do you choose to surround yourself with? Do you feel the positivity of their influence? Do you feel safe in their sway? That’s mentorship.

    A friend taught me that people come into our life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Take a moment and think about the people that you met this year past. Do they resonate with the person that you are creating your life around? Make no mistake, I mean you.

    Now, consider the quality of people you would like to meet. What part of your life craves influence? How do these people inspire you? Where are three place you could encounter them in 2017? Engage in your community!

    As you consciously shape the person that you are worthy of being, select the people you surround yourself with with patience and persistence. Clear boundaries are a gift you give yourself as you cultivate openness and maturity, and the people that no longer serve your highest, no longer deserve your time.

    I promise you, you are worth showing up for. And one day, when you find yourself acting as a mentor for another human being, they will be worth it too.

    And that is where we come to Magnitude.

    You are incredibly powerful. There is no one that is you. There is no one at all like you. Know this: we all benefit from your uniqueness. There is no one that can take that from you. That can replace your voice.

    Deal with it in the ways that you must, but fear less. Do more. Make some noise. Inspire the people around you and have them do the same.

    The world is conspiring to shower you with blessings and there are two choice on that path: that nothing is a miracle or that everything is. So what do you have faith in? How do you share your uniqueness with the rest of us?

    My friend Elena asked just yesterday what does mastery mean to you? Imagine your definition and then add it to a life where mastery is threaded through all these characteristics of a life well lived…

    For this life is the one that you have and it’s happening to you right now. This is your life. It’s beautiful and rich and marvelous and messy and complicated and where you have ended up is very logical. It’s a collection of many choices that got you here.

    Question now is, where do you want to go?


When dealing with healing, where do you go?


When dealing with healing, where do you go?

    What is the resource you have when dealing with healing in your life, that makes holistic healthcare accessible?

    It is hard feeling so much, to be sensitive in a time when there are so many forces bringing the primitive characteristics of greed and aggression. To be self determined in the coming years will be paramount in fostering change away from these reactions.

     That’s why it’s important to see yourself as whole and healed.
     It’s time to take charge of circumstances, to encourage a movement towards peace and practicality. To recognize that how you serve, serves people you’ve never met too.

    We can no longer go it alone. Community is the way. To the unification of conscious humans being, the prospects of healing excites me. It’s hard to draw water from a dry well. And so it is important that you care for yourself, so that you may in turn, care for others.

    I encountered something great: it’s a concept that one match struck in a cave drives away the darkness.

    SereneBook brings together practitioners and people seeking support in an affordable way. You curate your experience by intention, remaining focused upon health and healing, nurturing mind, body and spirit. The service guides you by your chosen intent to vetted modalities. A monthly fee affords you the experience of 3 different healers, bringing new experiences, so that you may consciously transform.

    It’s launches in Los Angeles and New York City soon, but people are already joining globally. You can explore more of the how and why’s here.

    Believe you make a difference. It is an intense time with massive sparks of change happening, all part of what I believe to be a pendulous shift towards the Light. Look at this photo and examine your first thoughts about it. Is the Sun coming out from behind the clouds or is the Sun being covered? Either way, what you think, you’re right.



educational reform: an inside job


educational reform: an inside job


I have not always had the greatest of relationships with education.

In grade two I was removed from the classroom, sat before a stranger and run through a series of tests. I thought it was fun. Later, it was explained to me that this was because they thought there was something wrong with me.

This feeling of being broken has persisted for decades. It lingers in the background like a light blinking intermittent. Just at the edge of my feeling self, that I was worthy of being left behind.

I have always been a seeker. Over the years I have sought support that this broken feeling was an illusion and that my truth was whole and healed. Be it people, places or things, I have found that support in the most elements of spaces.

In 2009, I was in a relationship. Clara was powerful, full of truth and we shared a wonderful community that had brought us together. I was inspired often by our connection. I would come back to my bike in random parts of town and find a note on it from her. It was small things like that that evolved our connection. Simple yet profound messages that allowed our trust to deepen. I will forever be grateful for her. I am a richer human being for knowing her.

We decided to attend Burning Man that year. She had gone before and I was a first timer. We had a solid crew of people going, many of us were Yogis, and we came from all over the world: New York, Hong Kong, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Sydney.

There are so many moments that blew my mind. It took me three years to get back there. I had so much information to integrate into how I lived my life on the daily. It was not a mission I felt could be rushed.

Isn’t that the hallmark of great education: that it alter the quality of ones life.

We worked together upon arrival to build shade structures. The site for Burning Man is an ancient lake bed at high elevation in Nevada. Very little life can exist there as no water survives the harsh conditions. Winds push through lifting the light dust into the air, blotting out vision. The least I have been able to see there is the handlebars of my bike. The ethos of Burning Man is simple yet profound: radical self-reliance is one of the primary tenants and an example of it requires that all water be packed in and packed out. Said another way, any shower I wanted to take required me bringing water in and removing my used water back to a city. Cue the baby wipes.

I was a yoga instructor at that time in my life but was earning my living as a bartender in a high end restaurant. The night we got in a convoy to drive 14 hours to the playa, I finished my shift early and showed up pretty happy and lit. I was funny and charming. Engaging and endearing. We waited in line for the gayte to open for 8 hours. I drank a great bottle of Oregon pinot noir. Met weird and wonderful humans waiting to do the same. People who had traveled as I had, paying homage to the road, earning their entry.

Burning Man is built on a gifting principle, so it is easy to show up and be taken care of. I heard a story recently about someone parachuting onto the playa naked as an experiment. They left a week later, totally cared for. I trust that they gave back to be so supported. It isn’t hard to do. That week a stranger had grilled dinner and walked around offering big hunks of meat. I actually looked to Clara for permission. It remains one of those pivotal shifts in consciousness, that another human could give without need of compensation.

With my city mindset, I partied throughout the week. One night I shared of two bottles of wine, a bottle of port that accompanied a moroccan tent extraordinarily well and attended a margarita sunset hour. It was great. That night I took a pill as well. Waking the next morning I recalled very little. My thigh was swollen from consistently falling upon the camera I had in my pocket and I wasn’t able to bend my leg. The screen of my camera was no longer functioning. Without the support of dear sweet friends, I could have been in much worse condition.

My friend Patrick helped me out with some therapeutic body work. It was my first experience of being able to practically use hands to help another heal. That day I was grateful for many things: the shade structure we had built, a caped elf who herded me to the group, avoiding the rebar that could have fucked up my falls. Without…

I look back often upon that experience as my reboot when it comes to education. It took me a while to understand that experiences as such do not require designated learning centers and that travel is the best education. It does’t require a new place so much as it does a desire to see with new eyes.

Curiosity is the greatest of teachers. It will bring untold wealth and substance. It may take a moment to understand what has been seen, but that may be all for the benefit.

Seven years later and I barely recognize that guy who couldn’t stay on his bike.
Educational reform brought this bloke some Light.
And I’m grateful all the nights.


PS. This is one of my favorite photos. It came post broken screen and I was shooting blind. I think of it often when I am conjuring my fire light. It reminds me that I don’t needs eyes to see, but Vision.
A little of the old primordial never hurt either.