I’m sitting here working to break the insurmountable task that I have before me into small manageable bites. I don’t really know what would be the most practical or the most productive next step and I am lost. SO I’m writing about it.

    I have so many plates spinning in the air that I am scared to look down to pick up the next one, for fear that the whole show will come falling down. I don’t know what will transcend it.

    I feel like a safe cracker looking for that first number.

    Cause I have a hint of what rests behind that door. I have suspected it for a long time. Suggestions of potential along the path offered possibilities but now I am here and I’ve never been here before…

    Something that you can resonate with perhaps… You’ve likely got something going on in your days that there is no blueprint for. No model or mentor that you can turn to, just the requirement that you progress, not perfect (thanks Marie Forleo.)

    There are ways to salvage shifts in perfection from the seeming ashes that rest at your feet. Simple check ins with the body’s wisdom are a way to communicate with intuition beyond the language of words.

    Each of you will have your own frame for the how of this but will ultimately share the why: to clear the voices from your brain and settle into wisdom at a gut layer of knowing.

    Here’s how to go about communicating with the subconscious.

    You MUST teach your body what is a positive or a negative. Without it, the message is lost amidst chatter. Because the subconscious has no frame for language, this step is integral to getting clarity regarding your questions.
    Begin with affirming what a positive feels like. For myself, when I am standing, I have created a response where my weight shifts onto my heels and I stand up straighter. Seated the cue is a little different, but ultimately similar in that I sense an expansion from my midline/solar plexus area.

    Teach the body what a negative feels like by opposing the previous into a state of contraction. If that is not about a shift of weight or a sense of expansion/contraction, there are a number of different ways for you to cultivate that sense of communication with your body.

    So experiment for yourself. Collect yourself where you find your experience strongest.

    Ask a question. Phrase it in a positive way. I like using the prompt “it is in my highest interest that/to….”

    I tend to repeat the question three times, as if it were a mantra, conjuring my feeling as if I were existing under those circumstances. My body attenuates to the frequency of that experience and I notice some iteration of that expansion/contraction state.

    And there in lies the answer; that’s how you get down to the essence. You can phrase the question in a number of ways, helping to clarify or confirm the situation.

    The Subconscious exists outside of time and it’s wisdom has access to information that the conscious mind can’t fathom. Touching that space is less about language and more about feeling intuitively, which is why the body can both express and understand that level of communication.

    This works incredibly well due to the information traveling along the vagus nerve. It’s a passage that is unique to mammals and permits a large amount of information to travel widely throughout the body.

    When I find myself in times of obstacle, I turn to this technique. It’s a dramatic departure from what I used to do which was ask pretty much everyone what I should do. I really appreciate the people in my life but I found that I was living for everyone else and less for myself.

    Tapping into the wisdom that is inherent in my body gives me a lot more grace in transitioning through moments of difficulty or transition.

    As the future is created through your thoughts and your actions, it is imperative that your voice reach the people that need to hear it. May these words encourage you to find yourself at the top of that list.

    Blessings on the journey!