Since the dawn of agriculture, man has harvested a most resilient plant; versatile, its benefits on your health are documented in numerous peer reviewed journal entries.

From epilepsy to systemic inflammation, PTSD to anxiety, oxidization to neuro-degenerative disorder, cancer to immunology, hemp medicine is redefining our relationship to illness.

The EndoCannabinoid system exists as a part of the central nervous system. It’s unique receptors fit specific molecules, releasing the bodies potential for health and wellness, to be whole and healed, and to live in bliss.

Due to THC, a molecule in marijuana that is responsible for getting high, the most infamous association of hemp is marijuana. Smoking it creates an altered state of consciousness.

Cannabidiol is known as CBD. CBD oil promotes homeostasis, or a movement of the bodies internal processes towards equilibrium and is the molecule responsible for the medicinal benefits named above and more. No affect that changes perception.

It’s testy to get it into the body, so the delivery method is key. Bio availability is a topic for another time.

The bodies aging process is irreversible. That means retaining our mental and physical capacity beyond current expectations requires support.

Highest health can be found amidst our plant friends.