There are people who will demand they determine the point of view through which you see the world.

    These people are threaded throughout time.

    By different manners, some encourage you to reach for the edges of possibility, teaching that the only limitation is your human imagination; others demand you remain meek and tame in the face of their importance, creating facts to serve outcomes.
    Over time, you maycome to value another’s perspective of your life more than that of your own.

    It’s easy to do. The messages are insidious and ever so subtle. Since you were innocent and incapable of more than feeding they’ve been beamed directly to you, and to those of influence around you.

    The challenge is not being aware of their influence.

    The simplest options encourage your complacency and they invite you to be tame.

    They are convenient and they are readily accessible.

    Think: the things that you feed upon will become the nourishment for your body, mind and soul.

    Acknowledge the quality of information that is in your book, your show, your conversation and your music. Paying attention to the message in the magazine at the check out counter forces you to be discriminating about all thoughts percolating. To ask where they have come from. To ask why they have come.

    A mind is made through absorbing sense impressions. A form of digestive organ, the filters are your senses. Alternative facts, like junk food, are junk thoughts; attractively packaged and debilitating for the mind.
    By feeding upon meals of nourishing thoughts and ideas of vital importance, you are consciously framing the energy that will become you. Ideas that come through your perspective or stance will matter in the outcome of your life.

    I believe there are two places to hide.

    One is amidst the mass, catering to those that demand their interests be yours.

    The other is at the edge of what is perceived possible, carving new ways of being from the fabric of reality.