It’s a consistent statement in Yoga: where you focus grows.

    In the realization of this truth, may you be set free: the being that you were to get here, has been perfect in every regard.

    In this very moment no thing is an issue. Every challenge has been a gift. You have created obstacles to teach yourself. You are learning.

    It’s not easy to digest, but you want this lesson. You won’t be able to pass go and collect your $200 until you learn it.

    Even when you do take the lesson home with you, there will be moments that challenge whether you ever really learned it at all.

    It’s ok. That’s just part of creating your vision. Of drawing it in dreams and painting it with the years that you live.

    Live your years. Listen to the something that calls to you in your small voice.

    To be heard, sit with it in stillness and give it your attention.

    These dreams are unique to you and this is how we renew the world. Each dream necessary in the fabric of the future.

     Together, alone, there are many changes on the horizon. Thinking they are good or bad only make them so.


    Accept what is true for you now.

    Comprehending choices past you made shifts your understanding of this moments influences. Knowing this, you position to adjust accordingly for the benefit of your future outcomes.

    That human will thank you for the gift of breathing life into your dreams.
    We all will, for you have given us each, permission to to be unique.

    And this is how we renew.
    The world.
    Our relationships.
    Inside and out.

    As Shel Silverstein said, “Anything can happen, child, anything can be.