What if you were told that deeper than the heartbeat, deeper than the breath, there existed a pulsation within the body…

It is the subtle within all things, this movement that is the craniosacral rhythmic impulse. Have you experienced its wavelike release?

Our ancient ancestors were oceanic. Tidal. They rode waves because they were the waves. That spirit pulses deep within the body, bubbling up from the core of our being.

Upon crawling out of the vast sea, our four legged ancestors brought the waters with them: cerebrospinal fluid is produced at the heart of the brain. Its release bathes the central nervous system in nutrients necessary for function. Supporting and cushioning the nervous system from collisions is its duty. Its release is rhythmic. Wavelike.

In order for fluid to enter, fluid must leave. One action calls forth the coming of another. Like partners dancing, the waters of the body ebb and flow. As a body is made mostly of water, this tide within inspires a subtle but profound movement, encouraging presence with each moment.

Discover this rhythm by choosing to feel. Feel it all. Enjoy presence. Enjoy the feeling of it. Enjoy feeling. These movements are precious and this moment, well, it’s all we have.