Lately, this mantra leaps into my head, reckless and with abandon.

Does that happen to you?

Over and over again, for a few weeks now, I have been hearing these words:

“but if i’m going to die boy, I’m a listen to my body tonight.”

It may not be the most conventional of mantra’s. It isn’t descended from learned masters of the Himalayan traditions. It doesn’t come with caveats of how to practice and a truth is, I actually don’t know if those are the words…

Prince wasn’t my most preferred source of music, yet his artistry was leaps beyond most of what i’d heard. The purple one had a way about him. Should you doubt me, check the dance floor at your next wedding. Watch what happens with his music. What happens to the people.

Too much time spent in the head can really muddle a situation. Sometimes, what needs to be done is just get out of the way and move ones body. To trust in the intuition that speaks. We dance to celebrate life in a primal way. That fluid contract that is 80% water (the human body) taps presence, and knows how to celebrate its fluid state. Often it is found on the dance floor.

I might have spent a little time these last weeks pondering the presence of these words in my head. Diving into their meaning and my actualized relation to them. I may have wondered, Prince, what the fuck, why these words mate? I certainly danced to his music as I celebrated a life that understood the depths of a thing.

When I began to stand back from this rather mentalist version of masturbating, I found myself distant from feeling. Everything was a process of the mind. All that time in my head and I hadn’t really considered the message. What it meant for my soul. What my body meant for my soul. What I wanted it to mean. What I was willing to own.

My current level of satisfaction with the feeling?
Poor to dismal.
Like 3/10!

I discovered a voice rising from my gut, my intuition, my enteric plexus, my cluster of nerves, bundled tight at the navel center, the start of my life, was screaming to be released from the confines of my mind.
It’s demand?
Get out the way!

Words that speak to the soul have escaped the gravity of learned behavior. They are the reason of our inhibited instinct. The special ones, the marvels, sneak out at the height of the night. They feed us with magic that speeds through our bodies like ripples in water. The stone falls, but the ringing…

I believe that is what Prince played at…

The eternal echo of creation that is the essence of each one of us.

I am richer for his words. They are my own.
Moment to moment, I celebrate them in the world.
As an emissary of the essence of things

Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here to celebrate this thing called life…