We each have one. A mother. That goddess in the form of nourishment. She who took us from a meeting point between two simple cell walls and rapidly multiplied material into exponential awareness. Whatever role she has played in the day to day, those first months of life, she was the be all end all.

It’s hard to build anything without looking to the foundations first. For each of us, the first nine months of life on this earth were housed within the deep roots of another soul. Tethered, we are irrevocably linked with that breath of life, that breathed life for each of us.

Her watery belly breaking was the first moment of ever really feeling sensation. Up until that point, we were floating in an amniotic sac that delivered all the needs. My first taste of friction, weighing in at 9lbs 10 oz, I imagine that she must has been aware of me too.

If you have never listened to Paolo Nutini sing “Looking for something” now would be a good time. My mother made me human, made me brother. She taught me about faith and then inspired it within me. She was the kiss upon a skinned knee. She was the one who taught me to read, to work with my will and to use a spoon. She bounced me to giggles, she rocked me to sleep. She consoled me, cajoled me and when that didn’t work, she would just bribe me or lay down the law.

I don’t live physicality close to her but I bring her practices into my life as a way of giving thanks to her: I push the furniture around the house with some frequency making my home new often; I have taken from her the burden of killing orchids and learned how to feed them life; I drink tea. Such small things but they bring me closer to the woman that gifted me this life. I picked her. So happy that I did.

How do you celebrate the first place you called home on this earth?
For all the women who were made mother’s by conception, I am so pleased for you.
May you continue to witness the blessing that reproducing brings.
Happy Mother’s Day!