The spiritual bypass is a concept that was explained to me some years ago, the idea being that one may excuse all manners of behavior under the umbrella of spirituality.

As yogis, we understand the importance in allowing another their experience. Depending upon who is speaking, there are many variations on a moment, and many valid versions of the "truth."

To the experience of my own well-being, I have permitted myself lose boundaries several times in my life. I do not want those moments back - I've learned through them. They were gifts. Yet I can also see the times when I took advantage of a situation for my own gain.

I was learning.
I take the lesson.
I move forward.

As yogis, there is a perception that calling someone out is poor form; the idea is that they will find their own way in their own time.

As a Canadian, I learned to be apologetically polite. I dared not confront others for fear of being too much. And I certainly didn’t want to be called out on my own behavior. When I was a young man, I was loose. With words. With my body. With everything. I chalked it up to freedom and figured everyone was having wonderful experiences, so it was all good. No worries.

It wasn’t all good. I hollowed out promises, reckless with others and my own heart. I was careless. The indiscriminate nature of my interest was content with basic instincts.

Looking back, I would have appreciated a mentor who could pull me aside, give me a few choice insights, and send me on my way with a more sensitive touch.

It was good, those experiences. I appreciate the struggle of them. I like the man I am today and he required those moments. Yet it always felt like an intervention was waiting to happen. This is a wholly other topic, but I was almost celebrated for behaving like a cad.

At my current age, the things that satisfied me at twenty are no more, and I am grateful for that. I wonder if it would have taken so long to get here had I stood up for myself. Had I had another to do so…

Conscious, real talk isn’t just for ladies nights or meditation clubs. It is the moment when a path gets dark at night and we are given a chance to stand for our brother or our sister’s highest. In this chance, trust process to leave both parties brighter than they were found.

In the experience of discovering our highest order, to know better is to do better.
May you be surrounded by blessings unwilling to bypass a chance to support your highest.
Within this commitment, there is liberation.
You are worthy.

In Love and Health.