What is the resource you have when dealing with healing in your life, that makes holistic healthcare accessible?

    It is hard feeling so much, to be sensitive in a time when there are so many forces bringing the primitive characteristics of greed and aggression. To be self determined in the coming years will be paramount in fostering change away from these reactions.

     That’s why it’s important to see yourself as whole and healed.
     It’s time to take charge of circumstances, to encourage a movement towards peace and practicality. To recognize that how you serve, serves people you’ve never met too.

    We can no longer go it alone. Community is the way. To the unification of conscious humans being, the prospects of healing excites me. It’s hard to draw water from a dry well. And so it is important that you care for yourself, so that you may in turn, care for others.

    I encountered something great: it’s a concept that one match struck in a cave drives away the darkness.

    SereneBook brings together practitioners and people seeking support in an affordable way. You curate your experience by intention, remaining focused upon health and healing, nurturing mind, body and spirit. The service guides you by your chosen intent to vetted modalities. A monthly fee affords you the experience of 3 different healers, bringing new experiences, so that you may consciously transform.

    It’s launches in Los Angeles and New York City soon, but people are already joining globally. You can explore more of the how and why’s here.

    Believe you make a difference. It is an intense time with massive sparks of change happening, all part of what I believe to be a pendulous shift towards the Light. Look at this photo and examine your first thoughts about it. Is the Sun coming out from behind the clouds or is the Sun being covered? Either way, what you think, you’re right.