Years ago #osho gave me the image of polishing a brass door knob… It’s well and good to make it shiny but at some point, working the thing past its required necessity may become a wearing away. At some point, I must grasp the handle and open the door. In honor of that image, there is no rewrite coming, I am just going to share my perception of things as I observe it.

I have built my life on certain precepts, that when found, made so much sense that it didn’t require learning so much as remembering. I think of the worlds knowledge as that: a deep well that exists and we are able to dip our ladle in and fill our cup at anytime.

As a man born in North America, I have been privileged beyond much of the worlds standard. It has been a wondrous gift that leaves me with a feeling of responsibility. My desire is to leave this world a bit better than it was passed on to me.

My ancestors are a profound influence over me. Without the efforts of my nannie, a woman subject to an arranged marriage at the age of 9, divorced at 14, owner of a grade 4 education, who moved her children from South America to Canada in the 60’s, I would not exist. It seems so small, but a simple twist of fate leaves me with startlingly different circumstances…

I have had a hard time defining what it is that I am here to do. I know that it is umbrella’d beneath health and wellness. I love helping people and the skills I have as a massage therapist inspire me daily. As a yoga instructor, I am given the privilege of supporting people find their way into their own bodies. I feel so blessed.

As a man, I have been witness to imbalances existing between sex and race. It had me pessimistic in my youth to the point of checked out. I have greater optimism about the future these days. The issues seem insurmountable at times, but I keep one foot in front of the other and honor that there is little certainty on any side.

I didn’t have the greatest of guides as I transitioned to manhood. There were few role models for me as a man, and many of the teachers that affected me I found to be women…

I have the most extraordinary women in my life. They inspire me to aim higher, walk with humility and make a difference in the short time that I have here.

I rarely find these women met. Just today a friend was telling me about being in the company of a person she felt safe with by proxy, the friend of a good friend. She awoke to him touching her without permission, in fact, in direct opposition to her expressed intent. This is supremely disappointing to me, and I know of too many stories in this vein.

There is very little in the way of an initiation process for boys into manhood. In my opinion, this has left us with very few true and balanced men in the world. This may offend men. If they feel like they are excluded from this list, ask a woman they trust to give them a rating out of ten of how they show up in the world. As a householder/partner/brother/father/lover/leader…

I am committed this year, to developing methods and sharing them, with the men in the world who have discovered a dissatisfaction within themselves. With how they relate, operate in the world, how they embrace their masculine and feminine aspects,and with how they prioritize their passions in the world. It is time that my brothers and I man up.

I believe there is room for all to be met. I want to help you be met. Whole hearted. Embodied. Passionate. It is my prayer for you and for yours. May this year shine a light upon the ways that you intend to evolve. And may spirit guide you there.