So that's what it was to experience solar flares...
I look to the two weeks following burning man, and I don't begrudge them. If you want to bring it, you couldn't have found a more capable community to deal with such heat. It was my mothers birthday and as she celebrates her 64th year on this planet, I want to thank her for the gift of my sister. I have watched my sister wear motherhood in a way that teaches me about my life. I don't recall the things that she does about our childhood, but something she wrote the other day, had me ever grateful to have shared that process with her. Thanks mom. Without you, she'd never be.

The last month has altered my body, my mind, my spirit. My relationships evolve, as do those of the warriors I find myself surrounded by.
People's business thrive and fail.
Seasons turn.
Music plays.

In making Dahl as I write this, as lentils stick to the bottom of the pot, will it be an error? What critical bit in the science of my being is waiting around the corner? Burning man sprung me into a very present reality. One where my integrity is the touchstone of every moment. It's chanced upon a membrane that I don't have a choice but to pierce. The stream will drag me if I choose to swim against the current. I think none of this is a mistake, and should you go to bed tonight, thinking the same, consider it a success. Make the most of this moment. For you are LOVED and it is something as precious as you that loves you. There is an ease allowing us: to perceive. Let's us do this thing now, and be forever free.

Have fun


And enjoy.

What is to come is worthy too.