I’m sitting here, looking at stacks of books collected over the past few years. Some came with me, sourced for subjects I longed to know more about. The new ones suggest directions in which I long to grow. Each has its own texture, its own character, its own avail.

Books, for me, have been a way to inform, to travel; of discourse and dream. I have seen the cold war through the eyes of Robert Ludlum, New York via Paul Auster. I learned about ancient perspectives through the translations of Stephen Mitchell and Eknath Eswaren. Michael Chabon took me through a jewish perspective on the art of comic books and life. Stephen King had me fearful of clowns. I have studied Anatomy from Frank Netter, and Physiology from Gerard Tortora. I didn’t necessarily seek them out. I don’t know where they came from. I really believe they found me. I am so grateful.

Books. I don’t understand the why of it, but they make me feel safe. These last years of travel, if i was with three bags, at least one was full of books. Airlines often overlook weighting the carry on, so I had a rolling bag that carried that load. A few fictions found me, but the majority were resources. Offerings from elders I wanted to absorb the wisdom of. For with the wisdom of our elders, the chance exists, to learn the lessons of the past.

When I was very young, my first year at school in fact, the teacher told my mom that I wasn’t able to read at the level of my peers. We spent every day that summer at the local library. Each book read, I earned points. I earned a lot of points that summer. Within a few years, my mom had to keep me from reading at the dinner table. She unleashed an insatiable beast in me. Thanks mom.

With mastery, there is no mystery. It’s a favorite quote of mine. I don’t read to be an authority. I seek to understand the perspective of others. I think that is the beauty of any exchange: what can be learned from the opportunity in this time?

Every Sunday I am going to share with you a loved work of the written word. Some will be reminders of a time gone. Some will share information. Some will suggest possibilities and others may speak to things evolved in these exciting times. I invite you to be curious. To seek further down the rabbit hole. What may you bring back? For you and yours…

Tell me of your passionate love affair with words. Suggest passages or works which may inspire entirely new ways of being. I would be deeply appreciative of this. My dream is that we grow together, rather than apart.

Many blessings, to you and yours.